Effectiveness of alternative means of controlling pests and diseases in orchards

OrganicAgronomy and production techniques


Several experimentation stations specialising in fruit growing will present the results of trials evaluating alternative (to synthetic phytosanitary products) means of control  against pests or diseases that have a particular impact on orchards. Pome fruits, stone fruits and nuts will particularly be discussed. 

1) Management of peach blight with biocontrol products and by evaluating disease-tolerant varieties

Trials conducted by Sefra

2) Management of borer caterpillars (codling / tortrix moths) on apple, chestnut, walnut and plum with different techniques: mating disruption, trichogramma release, sterile insect technique (SIT), birds and bats 

Trials conducted by Invenio, at the Creysse and Senura Experimental Station

3) Management of mealybugs on plum trees, particularly on mirabelle plums in organic farming, thanks to the release of auxiliaries

Trials carried out by Arefe

4) Management of the brown marmorated stink bug impacting hazelnut, apple and kiwi orchards with entomopathogenic fungi

Trials conducted by ANPN

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