Connected and digital horticulture. State of the art.

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The opportunities of digital and mechanisation for the plant industry. 

Presentation of four projects:


  • Connected mini-gardens® - ASTREDHOR Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, RATHO, Bernard Darfeuille.

The NFC chips, information gathering tools, make it possible to find out the interest of visitors in the urban gardens and plants presented, to know what their purchasing behaviour would be in order to identify trends in the plants corresponding to their expectations. 

Thanks to this data, horticultural professionals will be able to develop a reassuring regional plant range. These chips will also help to reduce horticultural wastage by providing information and advice on how to choose, combine and maintain plants. 

  • Autonomous climate management, modular shades - ASTREDHOR Méditerranée, Laurent Ronco
  • Connected traps and biocontrol: technology for epidemiological monitoring - ASTREDHOR Sud-Ouest, Emilie Maugin

Pest scouting is a key to the success of biocontrol. However, this step suffers from a lack of tools to measure pest pressure, notably due to the diversity and specificity of species encountered in horticultural greenhouses. Through the examples of the of Duponchelia foevalis moth trapping and the counting of very small pests on sticky panels, we will see how sensors can help horticulturists in their daily practice.


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